Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Never Lose Hope

Hope is a precious commodity.
It fuels our drive.
It gives us the courage to continue through any struggle.

Hope gives us the desire to face another day,
to strive to overcome it's challenges and work for new ones.

Hope gives us glimpses of tomorrow,
of the possibilities that lie in our future,
and of the paths we need to travel.

Hope lightens our steps when the road is strewn with obstacles,
and helps us decide on our route.

Hope puts a smile on our face,
and a glimmer in our eyes.

Hope let's us see love as it blooms.

Never lose faith in your abilities,
trust the instincts you have inside,
they will guide you through your journey.

And always have hope.
Always look to the future.
Always believe that the best is out there for you to find.

Never lose your hope.
Never lose the faith you have in who you are.

Because with that faith in yourself,
lies the essence of your hope.

© Copyright Brenda Hager 1998

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